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Unlocking Cybersecurity Excellence with Merritt Baer

Welcome to the forefront of cutting-edge cybersecurity, where Merritt Baer, the Field CISO at Lacework and a trusted advisor to dynamic companies like Expanso, takes the lead.

Strategic Advisory

Elevate your organization’s capabilities by inviting Merritt to join as an Advisor or Board Member to your budding company. 

Strategic Leadership

Merritt provides invaluable advice to executives across diverse industries, from Fortune 100 banks to biotech start-ups.

Her strategic guidance encompasses cloud security, go-to-market strategies, and threat detection

Dynamic Speaking Engagements

Bring Merritt’s expertise to your next event, shaping the narrative on cybersecurity, technology, and business.

Get in touch with Merritt for your next virtual or in-person event. Whether it’s a keynote or panel, she’s ready to bring her expertise to your stage.

Product Enhancement

As Field CISO at Lacework, Merritt actively influences the product pipeline, ensuring security threat detection aligns with practitioner feedback and the evolving security landscape.

AWS Security Expertise

With over five years in the Office of the CISO at Amazon Web Services, Merritt played a pivotal role as Deputy CISO, securing AWS infrastructure at a massive scale. She facilitated deals exceeding $2B by overcoming security challenges, earning recognition as AWS Security’s most prolific public speaker.

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Executive Advisory

Enhance your cybersecurity approach with customized advisory services, designed to meet the unique needs of tech start-ups, and beyond.

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Board member to young companies

Merritt is a CISO willing to become an Advisor. Leverage expertise to enhance your product pipeline.

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AWS Security Solutions

Benefit from Merritt's extensive experience in securing AWS infrastructure and navigating complex security challenges.

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Government Insight

Merritt's journey spans roles at the Federal Communications Commission, the US Department of Homeland Security, and the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.

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Infosec Expert

Sought-after speaker on topics such as cloud computing, AI/ML, quantum computing, and the future of the Internet.

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Published Insights

Explore Merritt's perspectives on business strategy and tech in leading publications like Forbes, The Baltimore Sun, and more.

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